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Hi, I'm Susan de Silva.

My goal is to get you to recognise your life purpose, gain expanded perspectives and generate more meaningful choices, and to be with your emotional experiences.

I'm fortunate to be able to guide my clients to achieve their goals in their life & career.

What Clients Say

Susan’s coaching sessions had a deep and profound impact on my life. Working with her, I was able to find my true purpose and understand the tools available to me to deal with difficult situations. I also thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions and would highly recommend working with her as a coach.

~ Managing Partner, International IP and Technology Lawyer

My journey with Susan is like the evening waves, they roll in with a powerful rush, crashing gently on the shore.

Discovering my purpose was such a revelation and joy! I've learnt what adds to my energy, what depletes it, and how it's driven by my values and purpose.
I've noticed that whenever I'm honouring my values, I am confident and calm.
I've grown to be proud of being me.
I have gained so much from this journey. Knowing how to operate more intentionally, and being in line with my values...
that makes me really excited about living and opening the many doors that lie ahead.

~ S.P. - Technologist and Improvisation Actor

I was unsure about the tangible benefits from career coaching but from the first session, I felt Susan was a coach worth committing to. Susan guided me to establish my own principles (or values), embrace my insecurities, and hone my strengths. She enabled me to view all decision making through this lens and develop my core. One can start a session with a topic or just let the session flow, but there's always a productive outcome at the end. The journey is the destination, and Susan has helped me navigate it better.

~ A.P. - Entrepreneur and General Manager at tech unicorn

Susan changed my perspective on myself and my habitat, and entirely shifted my world view and fundamental paradigms. Coaching is a soul wracking experience, but Susan makes the process human and loving. Coaching has helped me reframe my thoughts and experiences, and has tremendously helped me relate not only to others, but also to myself.

~ International Lawyer

Susan is an excellent life coach. Not only is she wise and caring, she helps to illuminate my life purpose and numerous important life lessons. Through life coaching, I have learnt to expand my awareness of myself and be cognizant of my "observer self" who has the ability to steer and direct me in life. No matter what life throws at me, I always have a choice; and in choosing, I will increase my effectiveness and have freedom and growth.

~ C.K. – Trainee lawyer

I see the opportunity of having been coached by Susan as a gift, I went from not understanding what having a purpose or finding my purpose really meant to the realization that it was implicit in my own self. With her help I was able to explore my life from different perspectives, go deep into my mind and soul and understand what drives me and how my purpose was just waiting to be unlocked. I found out how helping others through mentorship allow me to be of service and learn in the process. For that I’ll be forever grateful to Susan and the time she invested in helping me.

~ J.F. - Leave and Disability Manager, HR Services

 I am most happy to recommend Susan as an executive and life coach. Our sessions were indeed very enjoyable and productive. During our sessions, she walked with me through my personal and professional concerns in a clear and relaxing way, helping me gain refreshing insights into certain then on-going personal issues and in helping me simplify, clarify and sort out my real priorities and interests going forward in life. Amongst other benefits, the sessions as well as the "homework" in between sessions inspired me to regain captainship and enjoyment of life, rejuvenating me physically, mentally and emotionally, with many tangible results (including re-organizing my work and career,  and improving my health, fitness and golf scores!)

~ Senior Practicing Lawyer


There are so many things from our call that I appreciated and wanted to share with you. But perhaps that can be shared some other time! For now, I just wanted to say thank you. And to update you, that that call certainly made a huge difference in my, and my family’s life. And that I am so grateful that I got led to you!

~ T.Y. – Lawyer


My Credentials

  • Qualified Coach and Trainer - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with Coaches Training Institute; Certified NeuroTransformational Coach with BEabove Leadership LLC; Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaches Federation; Licensed trainer of Neuroscience and Effectiveness curriculum by BEabove Leadership LLC.
  • “Proven” coach - Many of my clients have made resonant decisions and moved towards what matters most for them in their personal and professional lives, such as career choices, leadership styles that reflect their values, self-confidence in their own judgement, not being afraid of their emotions, a greater sense of appreciation for life just as it is.
  • Over 30 Years Of Professional Experience - I've had the privilege of being a leader in various capacities, including as managing partner of a law firm.
  • My Personal Life Purpose - My life purpose is to illuminate the possibility of possibilities for myself and others so that we can bring the most and the best of ourselves to the world.

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